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Who We Are

At Turner Conoly Group (TCG), we begin each day with one question that informs our purpose, and guides our work: how can we realize a world that is better and more just?

This question, like our name Turner Conoly Group, owes its foundational roots to two strong black women: Betty Lucille Turner Walls and Catherine Elizabeth Conoly Allison, the maternal and paternal grandmothers of our Founder and President Ashley Allison. Catherine, born in Panama City, Florida, exhibited grace, dedication, and compassion throughout her life, and became a college-educated teacher at a time of deep segregation. Betty, born during the depression in Ohio, used her grit, fight, and discipline to take care of and help build a life for her family. Though two generations removed, together, Catherine and Betty’s lived experience influenced Ashley to pursue a career fighting for the most vulnerable and underserved communities, and instilled in her an unyielding commitment to racial and social equity - a commitment that has been evident throughout Ashley’s career as a teacher, organizer, builder, and advocate.

Betty Lucile Turner Walls (bottom right)
Catherine Elizabeth Conoly Allison (far right)

And it is this experience - rooted in the story of Betty and Catherine - that led Ashley to form The Turner Conoly Group (TCG).

TCG, a black woman-led and owned, social impact, strategy, and political consulting firm, sits at the intersection of policy, politics, and public-will, and develops client solutions that are rooted in innovation, data, and lived-experience. Throughout her career, Ashley’s diverse background has informed her ability to develop innovative and holistic strategies that are rooted in a lived experience that centers those who are most impacted by the issues. Every day, and for every client, these same experiences, built from valuing different perspectives and walks of life, inform TCG’s work and strategy development - strategies that will help see a shared vision for a world that is better and more just.

Meet our Team